Finding silence

September 8, 2017 § Leave a comment

If you close your eyes

and listen closely,

there is a certain silence

amidst all this chaos.

It’s not outright visible. No.

It’s right there though.

It’s sound beaming at you.

Yes, silence

has a sound too.

You can’t identify it, because

The water in you is not

steady, and neither are you



An endless ride

November 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

Come my dear.
Let’s just go
for a ride.
I don’t know where.
But let’s just go.
Don’t ask me
how far.
That too I don’t know.
All I know is,
we have a new life
in our hands now.
That’s a good reason
to start living ourselves,
isn’t it?
Why are we still
Stuck in mundane?
Come, let’s pack our bags
and leave.
Just the three of us.
Let’s go far. Let’s
cross the borders of our
comforts. For once, let’s
drive outside the system.
I promise you,
it will be worth it.
Let’s go till where
the sun ends, and
begins again.
I’m sure the new horizons
will cure all pain.
The fast moving trees
is a better sight than the
drudging traffic. The pine scented
breeze and the winding roads
are better than the what
we now have around.
If you want to call it
running away,
then call it so.
But remember, we are not
running away from life, but
For a life. So
come my dear,
let’s go for a ride.
Are you ready?

Down the winding river

January 10, 2016 § Leave a comment


I’ll row row
row my boat,
gently down
the stream.

I’ll see how far
this teak oar,
will take me down
the dream.

Out through the window

November 8, 2015 § Leave a comment


Out through the Window

There is mountain beyond this mist.
And out through the window
I ought to go.

But no, my time has not come.
I have to build my way up
From the root to the crown.

I know my wait
will not go in vein.
So i’ll hold.

For now I know, where
I belong, and where
I have to go.

An unkept promise

October 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

I promised myself I’ll do something with my hands today. Instead, I’m sitting outside in my backyard, under the shade of the tree, eavesdropping on the cuckoo’s conversation, and watching the sunlight in the ground dance to the brezee of the leaves.

I could do so many things right now. Sing, dance, paint, walk, run, sleep, write, sculpt, build. Instead, I’m sitting outside in my backyard, and observing the three big black ants, with long thin legs, crawling the walls and the fallen leaves, scanning the air with their sensor tips, and finding their way to make a living.

I have all that I need to make something with my hands. Instead, I’m sitting outside in my backyard, and staring above at the sun glazed leaves, of three different trees, where life is nothing but quiet. A family of squirrels whir around the trees, their furry tails springing with ease, jumping from one brittle branch to another. There are crows too, the black headed ones, and cuckoos. They sing, fight, play… make peace, and find their own way. They too have a life to live and a race to run.

Today, I promised myself I’d do something with my hands. Instead, I’m sitting outside in my backyard, shirtless, trapped in time, listening to the not-so-hushed world around, and seeing more than my broken eyes could.

Same difference

October 16, 2015 § Leave a comment


How often do you laugh

October 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

Cry, and you won’t be heard.
Whine, and you will be ignored.
Laugh, and only laugh can give you redemption.
So laugh, laugh for no reason.