Blasting Experience

August 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

My boss once said to me that, “If you really don’t know what to do with your life, join an advertising agency”.

I was offended, I really was. I was trying to counter his statement for a while but I gave up. I mean, come on, you can never really talk down your boss… at least, as long as you want to keep working for him.

Anyways, I never thought about it for some time, until this one lazy Wednesday afternoon, while dozing in my favorite couch at work. It hit me right then. I wanted to evaluate myself. Nothing major. Just a small list of pros and cons of my basic life-saving skill set(s).

When I finished the list, it was awkward. I felt very awkward defending against that statement. I realized that, at the time I joined advertising, I really did not know what to do with my life. Seriously. I had no where else to go. I was not fit for any big money making jobs, you know, like a doctor or a lawyer or a gigolo or whatever.

But to tell you the truth, this is one of the best thing that has happened to me. It is the most resourceful place to work in. You get to learn so much stuff. Important and dumb (by the way, I’ve realized that it is very important to learn and understand the ‘dumb’). Also, its a funny place to work in. You get to  meet tons of weirdos in different levels.

There is:

The cool egotistic young creatives. The always-grinning-assholic account executives. The over cooked hard working studio guys. People with “creatively” funny titles that doesn’t make any sense. And of course the clients. The all-glorious-never-satisfied-big-logo-wanting clients. I truly think they were born to raise hell. Or sometimes, were just born with half a brain.

What makes it interesting among all this is that, there is always something crazy happening. With all these kind of people around, no day is the same. Now, where else would I want to work. So be it, I might have not had any clue when I joined. But now…

To boil it down to one point. Advertising is a place where in the name creativity and brand building, we have a blast.



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