Treasure is what you want it to be

September 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Trash bag could also be one.

Yesterday, out of much boredom, I took stroll down the street at my lunch break. Fortunately, the street where I work is pretty quiet and have broad walkways. (You don’t find a lot like this in Chennai btw)

On my way, I took a seat in a empty bus stop. There was a old cobbler with his head down, deeply concentrating on his work, caring less of the world around, except for the one that approaches him. For some reason, although for brief moment, I found bliss watching this.

Right then, another old man, his buddy probably, came walking down with a trash bag in his hand and a huge smile in his face. The bag was in a pretty good condition. He was excited about it. He looked and talked to the cobbler like a little child. Gay, cheerful and with eyes wide open. That trash bag had given him much joy.

As I was watching this, listening to him brag about his new found joy and what he is going to do with it, I was reasserted of the fact that, “One man’s trash is a another man’s treasure.” I found myself smiling seeing this. I had two reasons for it.

One, the radiation of the stranger’s genuine happiness. It was inevitable. It was nice.

Second reason was a sarcastic one. On myself. I heard him say that, he is going to use the bag as a cover to protect himself from the rains and the mosquitoes. Until then I never imagined a trash bag for that reason. Although in a minuscule way, this was creative solution for his problem. Cheap and economic. (As an advertising person, I/we spend momentous time and money drafting a creative solution)

This man put his treasure to work. Not be locked up in a safe place, never to be used or seen again. His treasure was worth spending. It was a refreshing afternoon.


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