The unique vs the usuals

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

When we are not fit for the real world.

We go find ourselves a 9 to 5.


Wakey wakey, sleepy sleepy

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This is my morning workout.

The alarm goes off.

In my dream, they sound so soft.

The wooden table moans,

from the vibrations of my phone.

The sound, slowly tears apart my dream.

In my quiet blissful time, all I hear is a scream.


I’m up, I’m up, I say to myself.

But, it doesn’t quiet help.

My eyes are still shut.

I try to muster the little energy I have.

I raise my hand, search for the phone.

I can’t find it, I moan.

I think to myself, ‘I have to stop that fucking sound’.

But the goddamn phone, is not to be found.


Like magic, its quiet again.

Happy, I go back to sleep.

Loosing the little energy I just gained.

After sometime, its back again, *Beep* *Beep*.

Determined, this time I wake.

I give my eyes a little squeeze

and a little shake.

I open just one, hardly. I search

for the phone. I look around.

Finally, it is found.

Now, do I Stop it or do I Snooze it?


Let’s evolve and die

October 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

Life is very impersonal.

There is no point getting attached to anything or anyone more than we have to. Its not about getting hurt. Its just, there is no need for it. We come, We live for ourselves, we go.

No matter what you say, all the choices we make are for our own selfish reasons. Altruism is just a shadow of our selfish needs for others to respect us, recognise us, love us, devote to us and whatever the hell we want others feel about us.

There are people who keep saying, “the important thing in life is not living, but how we live it”. Sure, but what difference does it make once we pass. History, nobody gives a fuck about it. Except, getting a decent grade in our high school subject.

People always want to save things. They always talk about preserving life, nature. Why? Why can’t we just let it go?

The advertisements, the news, the movies, the documentaries, the conservists, the government, the lefts, the rights… and just about every Tom, Dick, and Harry talks about the concept of “learn from nature”. They are fucking hypocrites. Nature moves on. It doesn’t save. It pushes the dead deep down to make fossil fuel.

Nature evolves. So should we, er… mentally.

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