Let’s evolve and die

October 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

Life is very impersonal.

There is no point getting attached to anything or anyone more than we have to. Its not about getting hurt. Its just, there is no need for it. We come, We live for ourselves, we go.

No matter what you say, all the choices we make are for our own selfish reasons. Altruism is just a shadow of our selfish needs for others to respect us, recognise us, love us, devote to us and whatever the hell we want others feel about us.

There are people who keep saying, “the important thing in life is not living, but how we live it”. Sure, but what difference does it make once we pass. History, nobody gives a fuck about it. Except, getting a decent grade in our high school subject.

People always want to save things. They always talk about preserving life, nature. Why? Why can’t we just let it go?

The advertisements, the news, the movies, the documentaries, the conservists, the government, the lefts, the rights… and just about every Tom, Dick, and Harry talks about the concept of “learn from nature”. They are fucking hypocrites. Nature moves on. It doesn’t save. It pushes the dead deep down to make fossil fuel.

Nature evolves. So should we, er… mentally.


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§ 3 Responses to Let’s evolve and die

  • Archana says:

    I think this is gold. Dark yet meaningful. You make it sound easy.

    If only this could be applied to the real world.

    • akshaysrikar says:

      The real world is so far apart, we don’t even know what it is any more or how it is to live in it. We have stacked ourselves with so much complexities to live simple. We have come to a point where we don’t anymore know what is sane or insane, I mean shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and Jersey Shore have come into existence and keeps getting renewed. What about that huh. Seriously, we’ve become impossible. Oh well, what the hell. C’est la vie. hehe.

  • I agree. That’s exactly why we will never find answers to our questions- who we are, what are we here for, where do we want to reach. We are blinded by the complexities you are talking about.

    A major change in your life brings a new perspective. To accept the change, move on and not look back is where we have an edge over the others. Guess that counts as evolution…

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