The end of the privacy folder

December 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

A man can muster up the courage to do almost anything.

Jump of a cliff, do a naked run in the middle of the street, even talk to the girl for whom he has a crush on. But asking him to delete his Shagg folder, his Hormones folder, his Gilpa folder, his anonymous ‘New Folder’, and also less officially named as ‘porn’, is just brutal.

No sane minded guy will ever do this… voluntarily . Asking him to do it, is just inhumane. Loads of time spent on searching, loads of time spent on downloading, loads of valuable internet download usages, perfectly naming the files, archiving it, and so much effort put in to it. (No pun intended in any of those words, just sayin.)


Ride to work

December 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Looking back at my previous posts, looks like I’ve been a bit too philosophical lately innit.

Anyhoo… a strange thing happened to me this morning. It was fine one by the way. A very fine one in fact. Even in the most unpleasant situation, I was feeling blissful. I was stuck in this morning peak hour traffic and was enjoying it. Not ‘enjoying’ enjoying, just finding things a bit funny around me.

If you ask me why, I wouldn’t know. Nothing good in particular happened that put me in that mood. It was just another usual snooze-your-alarm-till-you-go-to-work-late day.

So, here I was riding my bike in my usual route, humming an annoying tune that was stuck in my head from the time I woke up. Got held up in this crazy traffic, not moving both the ways. I was trying to squeeze my way through with my bike anywhere it could fit and finally came to a halt. Then, that tune I was humming… got the best of me.

I was doing remixing, adding new beats, new layers, adding another song, mashing it up, beat-boxing it, increasing the tempo, decreasing the tempo, technoing it, breaking it down, building it up, adding some echoes, some bass, dubsteping it… I mean this shit got crazy.

And I still haven’t moved an inch. The temperatures, although not very high, the people were losing it. The guy behind me, a taxi guy, was honking as if there were ants going up his anus. I looked at him and did the only thing I could. I smiled. This  guy obviously for some reason looked very pissed. I couldn’t careless. The honking however went on now and then. I turned away.

The smog from the bus started to fill the air around beautifully. The thick dark warm  air hitting my nostrils straight. Taking that refreshing bath was a complete waste in less than an hour.

So as I was looking around, a guy sitting in the bus had to clean his mouth. So he spat out, not giving a world for where that spit would land. And no, it did not land on the ground. It landed on some poor fellow’s shoulder who was right down below on a bike. Although its a very gross thing to happen, its a hilarious scenario to watch.

The guy on the bike was delivering beautifully obscene words so creatively crafted, that insulted his whole past generations and generations to come. The guy on the bus, gave a little less than a rat’s ass. The traffic started to move. And so did I. And it was a ok day from there on.

Morale of the story: Don’t ever stop right next to a bus.

The endless twenty four

December 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

The longest ever day is still just one day.

Hours of quarreling, tons of missed call.

We have said so much already.

But there is still so much left to say.

The quietness lurks in the times of company.

Its awkward. But its fine.

Don’t get me wrong,

I don’t mean to whine.

No, not all.

I know, better things happen

every time we fall.

The longest ever day is still just one day.

And it hasn’t passed yet.

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