The last age of innocence

January 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

I was never an ‘avid’ anything.

From my childhood, I was mediocre in just about everything. Sports, games, studies, fashion, being cool, making jokes, talking trash, and a lot other embarrassing things. But nonetheless,  I was a happy kid… relatively.

I was a 90’s kid. It was a great time to be a ‘kid’. To grow up as one I mean. I believe that, this was the last generation that had any innocence while growing up. The reason I say this is because kids these days are A1 branded assholes. Spoiled to the bone, disrespecting, attitude pumped up, egotistical punks.

When I was growing up, we had to earn everything. Everything we got was a prize. Everything was hidden away, out of sight. We had to wait it out. There was this suspense in everything.

Music for example. Before an album came out, there was only news and gossips… building up the hype and all. Then, there was this occasional peak in the radios. We used to save up all the little money, gather it up, put ’em all together and by that cassette. Cassettes. Remember cassettes. The lovely album arts. I used to collect my favorite album arts. Ahhh, a proud collection it was.

And then the internet happened. Access to unlimited of everything. Innocence and patience were brutally raped. I’m not complaining, I’m all for the unbelievably super high speed internet that could download 1gb in 5 mins, the next generation cloud computing shit and the chip-in-your-brain thing. I’m just saying, the thrill of the waiting is not like it used to be.


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