Fuck you cats…..

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

….. said God.

Or at least that’s what He would’ve said when He created the world. I mean come on think about it. In this whole big scary waterless universe, he puts cats in the only one planet there is. Fucking cats.

This one thing clearly proves that God fucking hates cats. Fucking attitudial pussies. Even if there is another planet with water, guess which four legged creature will evolve first. Cats.

I actually have this bizarre theory. Day by day its starting to sound more practical. Do you know why we haven’t gotten any replies for the radio signals we sent to the alien planets in the outer space?

Because there are lazy fucking cats sitting there and judging us while we break our heads and assess thinking what the fuck.

I tell you, these cats man. Just hate him. Cute when little, but hate ’em to the core.


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