Dawn-ting tasks

January 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Came back from work. Tried to turn on the TV. Then it struck.

I don’t like watching it. Repetition kills.

Too tired to turn on the computer. Did it anyways.

Cleansed myself. Put on the pajamas. I hear light mumble from the belly. Pissed and flushed. Felt lighter but still tired. Coffee? nah. Some juice? meh. Water? aha.

I see the chair waiting. So does the bed. I could use a nap. But  I don’t want to. It will turn in to marathon sleep. I chose the chair.

Music. I turn it it on. It soothes me down. The stress is drowned. The hate, that too gone. Oblivious become obvious. I don’t see what I stare. The vision is totally clear and in absolute abstract. The ambient noises from the speakers somehow have  a mutual correspondence with my vision. Or is it a dream, with my eyes open. Is there is name for it?

Brain says ‘fuck it, I don’t care, no more questions, I don’t want to find any answers, at least for now, leave the fuck me alone’.

Fair enough. Too much have been asked. Little has been said. I just let the noises find its right vibe again.

Fuckin’ hell whataday.


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