The dominance of the Likes

February 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

It starting to feel like its taking over us. I believe its the secretary of satan.

Ok, may be not to that extreme of analogy, but still, it is just annoying that Facebook’s ‘Like’ button is in every pubic hair we come across in the internet.

The main reason I don’t like Like is because, people don’t say or even have a genuine opinion anymore. They just click Like and that’s it. Its not that I’m bothered about ‘Like’ persisting me to come back to Facebook. Its just that, its every-fuckin-where. I just feel its become kinda addictive and lost its purpose along the way.

The next time you click Like, just give this a small thought. Does that comment/picture/update/post deserve your Like, is it worth it? Or to what extent of your Likeness is it worth? Have you ever thought about whether the value of your actual likeness is conveyed?

When you have a conversation, you develop knowledge, breed criticism, share real value. Not just a online statistic. This addiction has diverted the user to having a conditioned opinion. A single opinion distracting them from communicating the actual message.

Its not like we can avoid it. Its just another easy choice.


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