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A nice tribute, well put.


Dear Rahul,

This is not going to be easy. But I will try. One sentence at a time.

Congratulations. Is that appropriate? That’s what people at work say when someone quits. And, despite the anguish surrounding your decision, this is supposed to be a happy day. At least I would like to think of it that way.

I expected you to finish in Adelaide. The same Adelaide where, in 2003, you found gold at the end of the rainbow. The same Adelaide where another colossus, Adam Gilchrist, retired four years ago, his wife and children sitting among the press, his voice breaking towards the end of each sentence, tears trickling down his cheeks as the press conference wound down.

But the Chinnaswamy Stadium fits well. That’s where it all began. And that’s where it ends. Like Gilly, you leave with your family and former team-mates watching over your retirement announcement…

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Problems are better than solutions

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We shouldn’t be afraid of trying to solve a problem knowing that it is going to create another problem.

That is the whole point of discovery. If there is nothing new to answer, nothing new to find, nothing new to say, what else is left for us to do. It is like sitting in a concealed room, inhaling the same air we just breathed out, with maybe a tea spoon of stinky fart as an additional ingredient over and over again. Repetition kills the creative mind.

A problem left by itself will only rot. Its total a waste a mind. But when you rather nurture it, feed it with answers, it would/might develop into something new, something big. We might find something totally unexpected. Polio cure.

Accidents don’t just happen, they are created.

There is no knowledge in the old. Knowledge exists in the finding the unknown. It lies right beneath the mistakes. Now do not misunderstand. I am not saying old is to be forgotten. Old i.e. past i.e. history, is to be considered more as a guideline and not as a rule. Old is where the wisdom is.

Without knowing or understanding the mistakes of history, there is no history to be made.

I read this below quote from someone named Ralph Caplan,

Invent a better mousetrap, and your create the problem of mouse disposal. Incite the world to beat a path to your door, and you create the problems of traffic control, of quality control, of distribution control, of inventory control, of self control.

Sleep is the vehicle for dreamers

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The guy walked in to his apartment.

By the looks of him, he had had a long day. He didn’t even have the strength to a take a leak. Goes to the bedroom straight, drops his bags, loosens up his tie and falls down on the bed (The bedroom looks gloomy and cozy. The bed neatly made of course).

When he hit the mattress, the whole scene changes. The mattress becomes a cloud. The gloomy room becomes beautiful bright sky. The cloud, now his magic carpet. It takes him on a wild ride. Through fun thrilling, beautiful bizarre unworldly landscapes. At one point, he sees a group of gossiping angels, winks at them, they in-turn chuckle. After quite an unbelievable journey… he wakes up fresh and lively. It is morning now.

And its a Sunday.

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