Education to what cause?

August 30, 2012 § 3 Comments

We are generations and generations of spoon-fed grown up kids. We are forced to kill our curiosity and follow the rules set by the society. Who the fuck is the society? No one.

Our schools follow a system that blinds us by asking us to stick to the traditions. ‘Tradition’ is simply a set of long followed rules admired by lazy people. Lazy people who refused think beyond and stick to a working formula.

In our schools we are asked to mug up a book, and recreate the same in the exam papers to become a top student. No one takes a fucking interest to actually teach or least explain us what the subject means. I know I wasn’t.

No wonder when we go to college, we have no fucking idea about our career. We don’t know to think by ourselves anymore. We need someone to tell us what to do and where to go and who to fuck. Our curiosity was not just murdered, it was systematically and brutally raped with a big fucking smile.

Thankfully, I had some left in me and still do. I will always be grateful to my folks for giving me enough freedom to do whatever the fuck I want. And help me whenever I wanted them to. But parents can only do so much.

We need institutions that inspire us. Make something of us. Push us over the edge and force us to take a leap. Allow us to make mistakes and not criticize it. Allow us to make it again and learn from it. We need institutions that make us realize that education is not just about academics. But unfortunately there is only a hand full of them. Hand full for a billion, can you believe it? And they don’t come cheap either.

Have you ever realized that as a developing economy and a country with billion brains, India is in the lowest low of patent registering. And our proudest institutions are nowhere close to world class. There is something really wrong with it, don’t you think? Whatever tradition we are currently following, is clearly not working.

A blind education creates more illiterates. It is like an ice cream without the cream. What is the fucking point of an institution if it doesn’t let its pupil think on their own. What is the point if it doesn’t nurture one’s creativity. It becomes a breeding ground for stupidity. And we have it in abundance.

A change we definitely need in our education system.  And I hope it comes sooner than later.


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