For the love of books

September 24, 2012 § 3 Comments

Reading books is a newly developed hobby for me.

I regret a little bit for not picking up this habit when I was kid. Not that I wasn’t asked or persuaded. My brother is an intense reader. He always has, had, have his face buried into a book. I should have been influenced by him. I didn’t. I vaguely remember my mom trying to get me into reading. She couldn’t. I just had a perception that reading is for sissies. Didn’t realize it was actually the other way round.

I was ignorant. In fact, I was one of those kids who took pride in not reading. Fuck my pride, right? I feel ashamed now. But I am over it.

Reading books is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It’s a cliché saying that books take you places, but books really does take you places. Places where we’ve never been and in some, never could. That is an undeniable fact. And a wonder.

A wonder how words and experiences of one person (the author), can be felt and experienced by another, in a completely similarly different scenario. You know what I mean?  Imagination.

It’s like a trance. As I read, slowly the words pop out, they grow in my head and draw the scene out for me. And suddenly, I’m in the story. Right there with the characters. Walking and laughing and running with them. So fluid. Sometimes it’s like, I’m watching them from above, from a CCTV camera. It is an escape from unnecessary things in life. It is a solace for me. The stories weave into my dreams every night, creating my own parallel version. And I wake and I smile.

Books, they are deceiving.  They look boring, plain, black & white, too much content. Probably that is why some people avoid them. But when we get over it and into it, its fucking beautiful, page after page. A power to mend time and space. There are books that can expand our knowledge, and there are also books to let us know not everyone can write. Or even if they can, shouldn’t.

The best books are the ones are discovered in complete randomness. At least for me. They catch me off guard, hook me and amuse me. It is a beautiful thing to read.

So what are you reading  now?


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