Living the dream

November 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

It was an early day for me yesterday. I woke up by 5 am, as I had to do some rituals. Since it was Deepavali, we burst some crackers for the traditional sake. After the festival morning course, everybody resorted to their personal space. I came back to my room and resumed reading. I was dozing of a little and was rereading the same paragraphs. So I put down the book and went back to bed.

The time was around 10 am. It was nice to give in to the confines of the pillow. The sleep came easy. I was weaving in and out dream in no time. Random thoughts were blending in to abstract images.

Then it happened. Still sleeping, I realized I was dreaming. I was sleeping, yet I became active in the dream. They call this ‘lucid dreaming’.

I was touring USA in a horizontally moving elevator, in mid-air. I was holding to the elevator to my dear life afraid I might fall. Then it hit me, I cannot die in my dream. The feeling I felt that moment was incredible. I could hear myself saying this. I could do anything I wanted. Now I sat comfortably on top the moving elevator and enjoyed the scenario. The brightly lit Grand Canyon below, reflecting its orangy shades back in the sky. The sun was setting in the horizon. The ocean was gleaming blue and yellow. An aeroplane appeared from nowhere, gliding beautifully below me in the background of the evening sun. I could hear myself saying, “This truly is wonderful”. I think I was smiling.

The minute I realized that, like a car running out of petrol, my beautiful living dream started to fluctuate. And it was replaced with randomness and abstractness. It was gone. After an hour or so I woke up.


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