Blessing and pain

January 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

When the cries of heaven

Reached the ground

Soaked me wet when I reached my home.

I took a warm bath for the skin,

and a hot coffee for the soul,

with a little bit of whiskey,

to spike it some more.


The rain had calmed down.

Yet there was a chill in the air.

The thunder and the lightning, sang and danced

like an inseparable pair.

Then came the little drops and the mellow drizzles.

Oh how they make the evening soul sizzle.


In an evening of rain.

With a sorrowful heart and a cheerful mind.

I take a little book of mine,

to accompany me.

On my chest the book lay,

I close my eyes.

As the wandering mind has nothing to say.


Oh grateful evening rain,

How nice it is see you make a mundane day

so interesting.

Oh how ungrateful some of they are.

They run hiding from you.

They shriek from your touch.

Some fear you.

Some even curse.

Oh how ungrateful some of they are,

You beautiful evening rain.


Your dark clouds made them aware.

But they simply did not care.

Although you announced your coming,

they wished to ignore it.

That is only because,

their minds are full of nonsensical bullshit.

Oh beautiful evening rain.

For some you are a blessing

and for many, you are a pain.


As real as it could be

January 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

I entered the door to a brightly lit room. The rays of the afternoon sun slanted over the dining table. The shadows of the English teacup and tea jar that fell on the table added to the drama.

Still breathing heavily after rushing over, the blood still pumping heavily through my brain, I could feel the heartbeat in my temple.

I had to adjust my eyes for a second. The unlit area of the table revealed a stainless steel tumbler. It was out of place.  I wondered what it was doing there. It jumped, and knocked on the table, as if a kid was demanding for a cup of hot coco. Knocked again.

‘Ghost!’ I thought. The racing heartbeat raced further.  Fear engulfed me. I wanted runaway but halted out of pure curiosity for sounds of confirmation. There wasn’t any. That was proof enough.

I turned to leave, to run away. Oh shit ghost!, I said again. I put my foot forward leaped over the steps. I was slowed down. I felt something hold my arm.  I felt a pull. I felt a nasty grin. Oh shit, ghost ghost! I said again.

I did not want to look back. Feared I would be slapped. I pulled my hand with all the force I could muster. The pull back was stronger. I pulled again, moved a little, and again and a little more. Now with confidence, I took a big breath, let loose a little and pulled the hardest.

I felt the release. I felt free. I was flying. I was happy. And BANG! I hit the floor. I fell from my fucking bed.


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