Here we go again.

August 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

The one thing that saddens me more than the violation against women, is how we end up talking about it.

My timeline is filled with people being enraged about this. In fact it seems like I’m hearing the same news, the same tweets, the same posts, the same fucking questions all over again.

Who is to blame?

Is something wrong with the city?

Is something wrong with our fashion?

Or is it our culture?

Who and what and where and why? And on and on and on. All over again. And when I turn on the TV I can see Arnab in his usual tone. Nothing changes. Nothing has changed. I regretfully predict that nothing is going to change.

I know it pains you. It pains me too.

We are always looking for a definite answer. Which I’ve learned that there isn’t any.

I know I’m being hypocritical. But that is all I can be. That is all many of us are.

But I do know this, when a government loses respect and fear from its citizens, they i.e. we are not going to listen to them. Because we completely trust them to be incapable of withholding their end of the deal. Protection and safety. So we do what we can to get our share of whatever.

And again, the government can only do so much. It is up to the individual in us to act humane. There are a lot of fuckheads everywhere and in every part of the world.

But I’m tired of hearing this kind of news. I’m sad and I’m ashamed.

I heard somewhere that a country is judged by how it treats its women. All the fingers I see are pointing towards a not-so-little town called Being Fucked.

Anyways, let us hope that this time, there comes a proper, definitive change for the good. A change in the law or a change in the way of governing or governance or change in the whole fucking lifestyle. A change for the better nevertheless.

Whoever this girl is, I hope and pray she has more strength in her to inspire all of us.


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