Nostalgia in the making

February 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

The past couple of days were one of the most beautiful times I’ve ever had.

I hadn’t seen her for a solid month and a half. Although we talked and messaged each other all day all the time, I missed being with her. Her touch, her smell, the way she looks at me and the way we whisper with each other even though no one is around. I missed all that.

The time we waited, second by second for a month and a half, came and now it is in the verge. She’ll be going back today. Although there is a rational explanation on how the time passed, I cannot understand where it went and how it passed. It fucking flew faster than Kejriwal in the CM post. I’m all like, “IT’S OVER ALREADY, DAFAQ?”

Nevertheless, these past nine days are those that will stay dear to me probably all my life.

Thank you my dear. 😘


My icky situation

February 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Not so long ago I was a just a boy, dreaming, wishing, even praying sometimes, of being with a girl, who’d love me for all I am. Today, after what felt like eons I now have one who does just that.

A girl not too perfect but just perfect, in many ways than one. Even when it comes to my height, she makes me feel taller.

And here I am letting my untamed mind wander into land of dark tunnels that spiral deep down.

I find myself in a spot of pathetic silliness. I always knew I would have to face a situation like this with myself one day. And it has arrived.

Trust is something I always lacked. I can go on in life happily keeping people in a distant. But not this one. I love her. I actually do trust her. But there are gaps which I can’t / not able to come in to terms.

Don’t I sound a little bit too bitchy, with all those “buts” and “ands”? This is the exact place where I didn’t want to be and where exactly I’ve come to.

I understand it is a test I have to pass. And I hope I can find my way to get across this adversity. I have to. After all ’tis for love.

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