My icky situation

February 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

Not so long ago I was a just a boy, dreaming, wishing, even praying sometimes, of being with a girl, who’d love me for all I am. Today, after what felt like eons I now have one who does just that.

A girl not too perfect but just perfect, in many ways than one. Even when it comes to my height, she makes me feel taller.

And here I am letting my untamed mind wander into land of dark tunnels that spiral deep down.

I find myself in a spot of pathetic silliness. I always knew I would have to face a situation like this with myself one day. And it has arrived.

Trust is something I always lacked. I can go on in life happily keeping people in a distant. But not this one. I love her. I actually do trust her. But there are gaps which I can’t / not able to come in to terms.

Don’t I sound a little bit too bitchy, with all those “buts” and “ands”? This is the exact place where I didn’t want to be and where exactly I’ve come to.

I understand it is a test I have to pass. And I hope I can find my way to get across this adversity. I have to. After all ’tis for love.


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