The day of confrontation

March 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

I finally did it.

I mustered up the courage and talked to her about the burning issue, that’s been nagging me for months.

One, it feels so much better than just keeping it as a thought, adding assumptions and driving myself crazy. Two, she too is happy that I talked to her and get it over with. Three, I’m glad I did not say anything stupid or idiotic (which I was afraid I would). And four, everything went absolutely wonderful in this icky situation.

There is one thing I would like to share. When confronting someone, it is easy to blame and point at them for all the wrongs. This will only make the situation sour for the persons involved.

Instead, shut up and give the mind some time to calm down to the level of rational thinking. Breathe. Balance out the good and bad. Breathe. Phrase the questions that is to be asked. Breathe. Think it over again. Breathe. Because a wrong question or a cheap acquisition will only degrade you. And finally, be prepared for criticism as well.

After all, you only want the best for you, and her. Why would you want to fuck it up with an indecisive moment.

We are destined to be happy. Only, we have to work towards it.



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