From a boy to a man

April 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

In exactly a month from now, my life is going to be completely different from the one I’ve lived so far.

I’m getting married. It feels as though that all these years I’ve had was a training session for the life that is coming at me very fast.

I have noooo idea what I’m getting in to. Only a year ago, I was still carefree and mindless of responsibilities, head full of fantasies, and glass full of whiskey. Although I knew marriage would one day happen to me, I never really prepared myself fittingly.

Now, with every tick & tock I can feel the big day looming over me. And everyone I see (especially the recently married ones) seem to be giving me their 2 cents on how to cope up with women, often with a heavy look on their face and in a casual philosophical tone.

Although it’s funny when they say it, I’m slowly gaining a newfound respect for the family man. Especially my dad. The shit they go through. I have zilch record of being responsible or successfully carrying out a task on my own. And I’m getting married. I know, it’s funny right.

For all I know, my days of drowning in various types beer, whiskey and vodka in a single night, drunk-driving back home in my scooter without getting caught by the police, reaching home, dropping my keys a hundred and seven time while opening three different locks to enter it, trying to be subtle not to wake my parents in the process dropping all the vessels that I could possibly drop, eat dinner as nastily as one can and go to bed peacefully, are probably finished.

Thankfully I’ve changed. No, I’m serious. A hangover can change a person’s perspective on life, especially when that person nearing his 30’s. It is not the same as it was in teens or early twenties. It feels as though you spent the entire night listening to Yo Yo Honey Singh in full blast. Describing it as hellish is just the beginning.

But those days are behind me. Promise. Although I’m not big on change, I’m not against either. It only gets worse when we don’t accept it. Moreover, I’m getting married to a girl I love immensely. I welcome this change, with little bit of cautiousness of course.

It’s time for me to grow up also no.


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