A dog’s life

September 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

The dog with Parkinson saw me the moment I entered the room full of people waiting to go somewhere. It so happened that the only seat free to take was next to the dog. I took it.

I wasn’t conscious of the dog first. But it kept an eye on me, I could feel it. The moment I took my seat, it rose, looking at me, wagging its tail. It is one of the cutest thing ever come across. Love from a stranger. Or was it trust? May be hope? I don’t know. But there was something in its eyes.

It made my heart flutter. Not much, but it did. I was happy. I smiled. I think it did too. For a second or two we connected. I knew it was going to jump on me, it did. It balanced its legs on the slab in was sitting. All the while wagging its tail, faster now. But me, the evil mongrel, cruel as I have ever been, shoo’d it away.

I felt a big bright light turn off, in me and in the dog’s eye. Although I wanted to pet the cute thing, rub its head and scratch its ears and tickle its belly, speak in gibberish to it, I felt disgusted of its physical dirtiness, I shoo’d it away.

It couldn’t believe it at first, but it realised that I was like everyone else, the bitter two legged, hopeless day cruncher, mindless ignorant beast of a human. So It went back to what it was doing. Probably searching for love, again.

Only then I realised that dog was constantly twitching. It began from somewhere from its neck area, which sent shivers throughout its body. Constantly. Two twitch a second. It was painful to see, on such a cute thing. But I shoo’d it away.

But, c’est la vie. Life goes on. The dog knew it. Pretty well. It went on with its routine.

Do you think dogs have a kind of vision where they can see the God in us? They probably do.


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