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Eat. Love. Slurp. Burp if you have to.

December 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

When it comes to food, I’m shameless.

I don’t care about etiquette of any kind. When I’m truly enjoying a meal, it is usually with my bare hands. To slurp and lick the deliciousness off my palm and in between fingers, yum-yummity-yum, is an experience spoon and fork simply fails to offer.

That said, I do not absolutely despise these steely cutlery. When it comes to steak, imagine eating it with bare hands. Sounds barbaric isn’t it? Yes, it most definitely does. That I do not do. Yet in a distant part of my mind, a tiny little voice whispers ‘why not dude, you should try it’. I’ll hold that thought for later.

I believe that a satisfying meal lies not only in its quantity and the taste, but also in how it is consumed. Feeling the texture of each dish before it reaches the taste buds, the brain gives away what you might be expecting soon. It is like a movie preview. A millisecond of hype is all you need. And when both the ends meet, fingers and tongue… boom! the chemistry happens, the taste somehow enhances.

When it comes to food, I choose to be shameless.

When you go to someone’s house for lunch or dinner remember how awkward it sometimes become. A sudden need for impressing the other becomes a priority. We pretend to be ‘decent’, become stiff, eat slow, consume little by little, try to make small talks or miserably get involved in a conversation. And finally, the best of all, when all is done, we sit quietly and wonder, “what the house rules on dirty plates are?”.

  • Do we take it ourselves to the wash basin?
  • Do the host take it for us?
  • Should we wait for others to finish and offer our help to take the plates?
  • Should we leave the plates in the basin just like that?
  • Or should we wash our plates by ourselves?
  • And so on.

Me, I just go for it. Loud and clear, take a stride with the plate in hand, serve my second or third serving with grin. In the end, I sit there, bursting out in burps, for someone to break the ice. Until then, I explore the patterns of the plate with my fingers. Pick and eat of every bit of morsel, wipe the plate to dry and lick my fingers clean.

Bon Appétit!

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