It’s ok da

January 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

It’s ok to feel sorry for yourself.
How else can you move on in life.

It’s ok for someone else to judge you.
How else can you have morals.

It’s ok to let people talk shit about you.
How else can you part friend from foe.

It’s ok to be bad at many things.
How else will you know what you are good at.

It’s ok to be angry on someone you love
How else can you prove your closeness to them.

It’s ok to let yourself go now and then.
How else can you find your way back.

It’s ok not to make any plans for the future.
How else can you enjoy the unexpected.

It’s ok, it’s really ok. To do whatever you wish to.
Life has its way, to let you know.

So don’t just be. Do.


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