Walk talking

June 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

Do you like to take a walk?

I like to take a walk. Walking makes me think. It let’s my mind wander. Wander not aimlessly, but with a purpose. A purpose of reconciliation. It makes my mind think, unthink, and rethink. It’s 1-2 pattern slows down time. It makes me see the world around. And think what it could have been. If not of our selfish greed. But a good walk cures even a disturbed mind.

But where do we walk anymore.

Life is going at a speed where people live in patterns. Where their minds are registered with pre-decided aims. Aims that are designed as black holes.

No. Life is not made for men who are in a hurry. It’s not for the ones who think it’s somewhere far beyond.

It’s not somewhere else. It’s right where you left it. It doesn’t go anywhere. It waits. For men who see the world for not what is, but what it could be.

So take a walk, every time you have a troubled mind. 

Life is better slow. 


Let’s go somwhere

June 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

Travel, I recently found out is an exciting experience.

And to do that, how wonderful it is to be with people who you give a fuck about. Because that is all that matters, right?

A bond that will become a travelling space. An atomosphere that breaks all rules. An ambience with so much optimism and celebration of freedom. A feeling almost too addictive.

Addictive, only because of the lives we live in this conditioned world. Travelling, is the push our hearts are ache. An inspiration that keeps us sane. And an experience that could make a change. Travelling is a wise teacher, who doesn’t talk you through life, but who takes you through it. And make you face it. It works your mind and opens it. It makes you think and act more intelligent. 

Travelling makes you see the world not as a sale, but as a sanctuary. All is free, and that includes suffering. But the wise knows that it’s not a pain when we progress.

Yes, travelling is progress. So don’t let her wait. She is your wife and she’ll make you pay.

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