An unkept promise

October 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

I promised myself I’ll do something with my hands today. Instead, I’m sitting outside in my backyard, under the shade of the tree, eavesdropping on the cuckoo’s conversation, and watching the sunlight in the ground dance to the brezee of the leaves.

I could do so many things right now. Sing, dance, paint, walk, run, sleep, write, sculpt, build. Instead, I’m sitting outside in my backyard, and observing the three big black ants, with long thin legs, crawling the walls and the fallen leaves, scanning the air with their sensor tips, and finding their way to make a living.

I have all that I need to make something with my hands. Instead, I’m sitting outside in my backyard, and staring above at the sun glazed leaves, of three different trees, where life is nothing but quiet. A family of squirrels whir around the trees, their furry tails springing with ease, jumping from one brittle branch to another. There are crows too, the black headed ones, and cuckoos. They sing, fight, play… make peace, and find their own way. They too have a life to live and a race to run.

Today, I promised myself I’d do something with my hands. Instead, I’m sitting outside in my backyard, shirtless, trapped in time, listening to the not-so-hushed world around, and seeing more than my broken eyes could.


Same difference

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How often do you laugh

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Cry, and you won’t be heard.
Whine, and you will be ignored.
Laugh, and only laugh can give you redemption.
So laugh, laugh for no reason.

A quiet time

October 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’m glad to have this Sunday.
A quiet time, and  my own time.

I woke up early, and had my tea.
The air was still cold and crisp, and it was nice
To take in the moment with hot sips.
Observing the sunny street
I stand in midst of the herbs’ mists,
And my clouded mind, settles.

By the way, did you see the quarrel in the sky?
In between the sharp sun and the
Raining clouds? No? Oh?
May be you didn’t notice because
It wasn’t a quarrel at all!
May be… it was just a simple truce
Between the two, the light and the shower,
To make my lazy Sunday, beautiful.

With long deep breaths, I took the day slow,
like the gradual change in the sky above.
For I know, the racing minds reach no where.
I have my destination, and I’ll enjoy the journey.

I’m in no hurry, just like this Sunday.
A quiet time and my own time.

Better mind it

October 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

When they said we only use 7% of our brains.

I wondered why and how come?

But I soon learned that they were wrong.

We do not control the brain, its actually the other way round.

But when you step back and look at how it works. It’s just amazing.

It’s the perfect predator and extremely cautious.

I learned that it can be controlled.

And most importantly I learned that we are only 7% ‘conscious’ of our minds.

Imagine, the answers of the universe

And beyond, hidden right inside us.

Isn’t that the working of a god.

That ultimate being. That endless creativity.

Where there is no death but only transcendence.

To understand that and realize, that god after all is within us.

Just imagine. We are only 7% realized to the Gods we could be.

That’s what they meant,

When they said we only use 7% of our brain.

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