Same difference

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A grand hyphen

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Our lives are just an hyphen between two dates.

What we say and don’t

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Good things are never said.

Worst things are better left unsaid.

Finding beauty in mundane

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The average, the routine, the everyday, the known, the predictable…

… are considered to be the most boring situations. But they really aren’t boring. Its just you (I mean, the believer). They seem boring only because we have gotten used to those circumstances, those locations, those people. Our brain already knows whats coming and it fails to pump up the excitement in us. It puts a ‘meh’ tag in everything. And at some point, it not just numbs the feeling but be a champ by making it even worse. Giving the ‘my life sucks’ feeling.

As an amateur photographer… wait let me rephrase that. Photography being my hobby, I learned, I’m learning to see the ‘un’ in the usual. Photography to me is a great way, an easy way to find the joys and difference in the routine. But before that there are few things  to be practiced.

  1. Do not listen to your mind: Sometimes the mind stops us from being ourselves.
  2. Approach people with a smile: Be frank, be intimate when you want to take a portrait of somebody. They will only be happy to smile and pose.
  3. Do not be shy: A desired shot is almost always not in the easiest spot. So, if you have to stick your ass out, well, then you have to stick your ass out. And with that said…
  4. Do not give a fuck about what others might think: Give a fuck about the picture you are going to click.

There are of course million other things that one can do, should do  or shouldn’t do. These are just the few things I think are basic. But when you really start going through the whole process, its fun. The mundane is suddenly exciting.

And I do have one last thing to add.

The best place to take beautiful pictures, is for you to take a walk down the street.

What is an idea to you

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If an idea is worth dying for, it is most certainly worth living for.

Ok, to be frank, I don’t know what that exactly means. It just came out of nowhere. But I do know this for certain. An idea can change your life. And no, I did not mean the stupid Idea network. Fucking Abhishek Bachan spoiled it for the whole world. Sirji my ass.

So anyways, I was listening to this music and thats when my mind went on a philosophical walk. It often does that.

Arnav Srivastava – Black Market

You are your change you need

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If you like don’t like what you are doing, stop it. It’s simple.

Its easy to laugh and very hard to cry. The irony is, we are stressed most times and happy is just a layer of butter. Why just a layer. The fact is that, expectations has royally fucked simpleness. A simple living is just one realization away.

Stop and take a breath now and then.

The unique vs the usuals

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When we are not fit for the real world.

We go find ourselves a 9 to 5.

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